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F.R.O.G.’s, Balloons, and Butterflies

October 11, 2010




Today yet another butterfly stopped by to pay me a visit! I found it a bit odd given the environment that I was in when it happened. I understand it when I am out in the backyard or on a hike in the woods, but today’s encounter with said butterfly was at Bank of America stadium in the heart of downtown Charlotte. It was midday during the second quarter of an NFL game. Not what I would call a prime target for a butterfly destination. The butterfly out of thousands of seats to choose from was sent to land on the back of the seat  directly in front of me. Odd? Coincidence? Ironic? Destined? You decide, I know my thoughts…

This in itself is no big deal to most people and honestly it was not a bid deal to me for most of my life, admittedly perhaps it was even unnoticed when it did occur. However, that has all changed and it is huge when it does happen, which is seemingly often. Let me explain…

You see butterflies, free floating balloons and frogs remind me of Cayden. There are reasons which I will explain in brief, but these reasons are not the whole point to the post. Butterflies are calming to me, peaceful — yet determined. Balloons are released at Families for Hope Conferences while remebering  HPE children that have passed away, a touching ceremony that we as a family has adopted as ritual on Cayden’s born on earth and born in Heaven dates each year. F.r.o.g.’s – Forever Rely on God. Not that these are the only things that make me reflect on my boy, but they certainly are 3 key trigger points.

Butterflies are seen fairly often, but it is interesting the places in which I notice them as of late. Today was indeed among the most powerful of impact given the location, but as has happened often this fall while hiking as a family we have been paid visits! Balloons – they too are not rare to see floating away from the hands of kids, but again there have been a few interesting out of the ordinary sightings. Two of which I recall that stand out happened this summer. First at the Family, Faith and Freedom concert we saw a single balloon float by our seats mid song at twilight while Steven Curtis Chapman was singing and talking about the death and loss of his daughter. Having not seen a balloon vendor all day or any other balloons at all this was powerful and the timing was indeed orchestrated. The second time was at Charlotte Blues, Brews, and BBQ event when balloons of different colors than those of any we had seen being sold or carried all night went sailing into the evening sky above our heads. Not leaving out our friendly frogs we had a day full of them while hiking at Morrow Mountain as we celebrated Caydens birthday this year camping. On the top of a mountain peak we crossed paths with a single frog hopping through the leaves and twigs. Earlier, as we had settled nearby a pond in the woods to have our picnic lunch we startled numerous frogs off their logs and sent them splashing into the water.

Any of these moments in time always bring a smile to our faces and generally a tear to our eyes as we get a warm sense that Cayden is still on the journey of life with us as we travel. Yeah I know, he is not really with us — he has finished his good fight. His journey is over, but in our eyes at least we are reminded of him and it feels like he is reminding us to remember him as a piece of our family and to keep him in our thoughts and adventures. Maybe it is just coincidence that these things happen and I read into them more than what they are, but you will never convince me of it! I think they are all messages from Cayden through the power of the Holy Spirit being relayed to us in many forms and situations. They more that I seek them, the more I will find and the less they will be hidden. I do not understand how it all works nor do I need to — faith is just believing that it can and does.

Proverbs 3:5 Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.


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