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Journey with me?

October 7, 2010


A blog? Why? What is with a Journey in the Conduit?

I ask myself these questions and more… I do not know the answers clearly at this time, however, I am hearing that this is my next phase of witnessing. If I am obedient to these messages I believe that the answers will be revealed as the blog unfolds.

Journey in the Conduit will be an attempt to document snapshots of life. Journey representing the trials, both the good and the not so pleasant. Conduit being the source of delivery, myself in this application. At times these tidbits may be through words, sometimes a song, perhaps even in pictures. I know going in that not all who indulge will agree all the time, perhaps even ever. I am ok with differeing opinions and controversial issues. Yet, if controversial, my intention will be to provoke thought and study not just emotion.

My interests and activities involve the out of doors mainly so subject matter will most likely be revealed to me while on a run, or in the woods, possibly while I am knee deep in a stream on a mountain. As the birds tweet in the morning hours as I weed the garden thoughts get enlightened. The flames from a campfire licking at the crisp night air makes ones mind shed cares and burdens as wisdom enters in. Life is challenging and seemingly unfair at times – I am no different than you, I have had my share too. I have worked through some of these trials and anticipate sharing them in hopes that the perspective in which I now view them versus how I did will impact the way in which you might think in return.

Often I intend on referencing scripture from the word of God, as my faith in HIM and HIS word has transformed the way in which I view many things. Without this reference of the Bible and my belief in it, I would not be encountering this blog to begin with. If you believe, I hope it serves you encouragement. If you are a skeptic, sift through the reference for the story anyway it might just impact your life anyway!

Will you join me for the Journey?

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